I believe that the very simple concept of self-love and celebration of our worth is life changing and transformative.

Angela Heart About2

I began my journey as an author, teacher and life coach from a place of self-healing and love.

After years spent in a cycle of abuse and lack of self-worth, I rediscovered the spark of love for myself within my soul and began my WORTHY journey toward healing and true self love. As I went through my healing journey, I began to understand that everything I had experienced leading up to that point had happened for a reason. I actively studied my heart and soul and became an expert in what life had taught me so that I could share my story and help others.

I share from a place of self-discovery and transparency with the hope that my story will speak to the souls of others - to your soul. I believe it is my destiny to help others as they embark on their unique journey toward understanding and celebrating their worth. Through my conversational style of writing and ability to create a safe space for people, I am able to help you begin a conversation with your soul and approach the world with reclaimed confidence and self-love.


Your worth is attached to the fact that you are a unique and wonderful individual born into this world.

The Spark Found at Rock Bottom

A few years ago, I found myself in a very dark place in the physical world as well as in the emotional, spiritual, and psychological world. A litany of poor choices spanning the length of 20 years or so, all of which originated from my lack of self-worth, had finally led me to a place where on a soul level I had reached rock bottom. I had completely lost sight of my value and any self-love I may have at one time had, seemed to be extinguished.

The darkness encompassing my soul was heavy and overwhelming and the once vibrant spark of life in my soul seemed non-existent. As dark and hopeless as this may sound, it was actually the point I needed to arrive in order to recognize where my worth as a person originated from. It was the tipping point which ultimately led me away from self-destruction and toward my healing journey.

I will never forget the night I rediscovered the spark that awakened the fire in my soul again. Emotionally I felt broken, and my self-worth was non-existent. The depression and negativity the man I was dating had swirling around him had begun to seep into my soul too and I had actually begun to wonder why I was here, why I was alive on this planet. It was a very cold dark December night; snow was falling and the darkness was heavy and overwhelming. I was sitting in the parking lot of Safeway in a town thousands of miles away from all the people and the things I once thought of as part of my identity feeling completely broken, hopeless and alone. For the first time in my life I even struggled with thoughts of suicide.

"It’s sometimes in the darkest of dark moments you will feel your soul reaching out of the darkness to reveal to you the spark of life burning there, lighting your way toward self-love and healing."

This life saving light is what led me to ask myself some very basic but necessary questions such as "who am I" and "When everything is stripped away do I know who I am" and "am I enough just as I am in this exact moment?”I went home that night and wrote my "I am” list. I can't explain it, but I felt compelled from the deepest part of my soul, to remind myself of who I am by writing a list of qualities which did not include where I worked, how much money I made, my educational achievements, or who I was in a relationship with. It was this very simple exercise that brought me back to the realization, I am enough.


With love and respect for every person’s unique healing journey Angela invites you to embrace your own original perspective and begin a conversation with your soul.